Instalation is simple and composed of few steps:
  • create directory and copy there all necessary classes
  • create directory with event classes
  • define all yours events classes (they have to observe some rules - more info on bottom this site)
  • create directory with language classes and copy there predefinied lang classes (english and polish)
  • create templates diretory (You can use predefined Template class which implements Smarty Template System)
  • (optional) - create .htaccess file and put in line "ForceType application/x-httpd-php"
    (this is for "good" looking URL's :) - because this framework at this time use global var $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] to manage events and sends params and URL like:
    'http://server/main.application/main/start' is better than
  • (optional) - create configuration directory (not necessary because controller class have definied default values for configuration)

Rules to create own event class

  • Classname must consist 'Events' string on the end;
  • Class definition's filename must have the same name like classname (without 'Events' string) and extension definied in controller class;
  • On default every class isn't public and it can't be call with URL; If you want to change this you'll have to redefine __constructor like this:
    function __construct() {
    	$this->_isPublic = true;
  • Class must extends 'Events' abstract class
  • If isn't definied config variable 'defaultEvent', main class have to be MainEvents ant it's must provide 'main()' method.