Events class (abstract)

Public methods:

  • abstract main() - this method's declaration is required in inherited classes.
  • __construct() - every event class have variable which tells is this event public or not. Default value is 'not public'. If you want to do event public you'll have to redefine this method in this way:
    function __construct() {
    	$this->_isPublic = true;
  • getTemplateName() - return template filename for current event
  • getTemplateVars() - return array of template variables.
  • setParams(parameter1) - send parameters to event class. As a parameter is array of parameters to send.
  • addTemplateVariable(parameter1, parameter2) - add a variable which can be used in template. First parameter is a name of variable, second is a variable value.
  • protected link(parameter1, [parameter2]) - this method is for use only in inherited classes. It's returns a valid link to event handler. First parameter is a path to event in format '/ClassName/Method'. Secodn is optional array of options send to event.