Controller class

Public methods:

  • static CreateApplication([parameter1]) - initialization of controller class. This method is static and it's a static constructor for application. As a parameter you can use configuration filename in XML format or an array of configuration directives. If this parameter is not set, class gets default configuration from itself.
  • runApplication() - execute an application. After use this method you can't call any other methods.
  • static runEvent(parameter1, [parameter2]) - method to call events. First parameter is event path and it's format is '/ClassName/method'. Second parameter is optional and in it you can send to event's method parameters in array.
  • setAutoHeader(parameter1, [parameter2]) - adding automatic template header. First parameter is filename of template header. Second is optional array of pairs 'templateVar'=>'templateVarValue'.
  • setAutoFooter(parameter1, [parameter2]) - it's the same method like above but used for setting automatic template footer.
  • setTemplateDir(parameter1) - method to set default directory for template system. As a parameter use directory name.
  • setHandledir(parameter1) - method to sef default directory for event classes. As a parameter use directory name.
  • setHandleExtension(parameter1) - set default extension for files with event classes definitions. As a parameter use extension's name.
  • setDefaultEvent(parameter1) - set default event in format '/ClassName/method'.